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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oh God I am feeling so bad, I don't really like the picture I am seeing of my self. I wish the ground below could just swallow me. It all started the day I choose to study MBA, Mrinal being Mrinal convinced me that it is the right thing to do, cause anyways I have lost all interest in Physiotherapy and the subjects I'd studied in my graduation. Deep inside I've always known it's the right thing to do. In the process of it all, I got my first proper job while pursuing MBA, ( I have managed pretty well as I attend weekend classes, though it's extremely difficult coping with both). During all this time (while studying) I have never missed an opportunity to remind him, how he is not helping me enough with my subject, how instead of answering my query he simply ask me to Google it. This always complaining and putting the blame on him has become a second nature to me, I guess, and I am not feeling proud to admit that. OK so from past many days I have been tearing my hair over my final semester Project & Synopsis and I've been eating his head with constant blabbering. Few days back I'd a huge row with him, my days of submission are just around the corner, and I badly need his help with my submissions. He went all gaga about how I should not be sulking about doing my own work and that I should do it on my own to learn the process and all that jazz. I walked out of the room resenting him for being so right. Though we made up quickly enough but I was still seething & worrying about the damn synopsis. We didn't spoke about it again as I vowed not to ask him, he also didn't mentioned it.

Today this very good looking guy came over on my bay asking for "Moushmi Mam" (I simply shriek at the sound of some one calling me Mam, as if I am some specky school teacher), as I didn't know him I didn't corrected him about the "Mam" bit. This guys was looking nervous, with fumbling hands, fifgeting on his pocket to bring out something, he kept fumbling for so long that I've to pretend that I haven't noticed his nervousness.


I: "Yes", 
He: "I have brought your synopsis. It's on my data card.
I: ( I was like 'my jaw landed on the floor')
He: Finally handing me the data card, "you just check it and let me know if you want any changes"( blah blah I was only half listening, too shocked to come to terms with what he was saying)
I: Like some sleepwalker in the middle of an experience, I simply nodded, while I saved the synopsis on my workstation.
 In a muffled voice I just managed a syllable about it being perfect. Too ashamed to look at him.
He: OK Mam (Taking the card out of the socket), he smiled.
I:  I kept looking at him too aghast to smile. Finally Thanking him, before I forget my manners

I immediately called Mrinal and in a sheepish tone
I said " Hello",
He:  "Hi", (I can hear it in his tone that the devil is laughing at me)
I said: You didn't have to do that.
He: Do what? Sending a good looking guy to you.
I: You know what I mean
He: I would like to be told for a change though.
I: I am perfectly capable of doing my synopsis
He: Thats predictable come up with something more creative
I : Thank You
He : He simply laughed one of those light happy laugh

I put the phone down thinking that's the biggest surprise he gave me till date. Just wish I could surprise the devil himself equally some day. Just the thought of him putting some one to work on my behalf, he made me feel like a queen as well as a bitch all at once. How can he do that I am still wondering. Though I am not complaining.