Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Idle tusser

So am I an idle tusser, in a span of day half of the time I am spending it thinking about things I've no control over, all through the day I am thinking abt things I want to do or already done. It's the creative outpour of my weird thinking mind which is always ticking. I can sit for hours and come up wit most ridiculous of plan with out putting any of it in perspective or practice. Sometimes I get this masochistic pleasure in imagining that I am in despair, right now the topic of my ticking mind is wat people mean when they say that they've evolved,wat does that mean? That they've been there done that? or that they ve felt it for so long that it no longer matter.? So am I an idle tusser coz I've got nothing better to do..or am I busy ..very busy being myself...!