Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Curious Case of Soft Baby Skin

Photo Courtesy: Pampers.com

We are a family obsessed with bums! Yup, you heard that right; our jokes always include the mention of the rear. When my sister had my niece, our vocabulary took a drastic turn, and we both invented many interesting names for derriere. So much so that it became a habit for us to measure the loveliness of baby with the softness of baby bottoms. Weird, I know. But we are a family full of nuts.

But, seriously, can anything beat the joy of squeezing the chubbiness of baby soft bon bon? Watch any of those Pamper ads, the cute pat on the baby bottom always bring a smile to the face. Compare it with the wispiness of cotton, and the cotton will fail miserably.

Jokes apart! A child’s skin is delicate and has few defenses against climate change and pollution, which makes it vital for us parents to protect the richness of our baby skin for as long as ever.

Here’s how I keep my son’s skin soft and supple day after day:
  • He is a threenager now, you know what I mean? When I ask him to do something I get a no-mama-head-oscillation. Clearly those days of easy massages has gone out of window. But one thing I surely try to do after his bath is moisturize his entire body and face using a water-based moisturizer during summers and cold cream treatment during winter, even if I have to chase him. I recommend Atogla, we have been using it since he was few months old.
  •   Bath time use to be my son’s favorite passes time. But that was before he hit the twilight zone (read: terrible twos). But if I let him hold the bar of soap and do as he please—for some time atleast—than the day becomes much easier. So since his birth we have been using a non-fragrant soap with neutral pH as recommended by the Doctor to keep his skin smooth and free of irritation. And it has worked wonders especially during changing weather.
  • Protecting your baby from the harsh rays of sun and direct sunlight is extremely important. When my son turned 6 months we started using sunscreen for the exposed areas like face and hands. As we travel a lot I always keep a cap handy to protect him from direct sunrays.
  • If I say Diapers are the best invention ever—all mothers will nod their head in unison. Yes, they save time, laundry loads, and stinky clean-ups. But, there is a downside – diaper rash. How to prevent it: change the diaper every two-hour, immediately change a poopy diaper, and always keep a zinc diaper rash cream handy.
  • Ok, so we are mothers, we are over-protective and we love bundling up our babies, you have a problem with that? Yes, in our over-protectiveness we tend to over-do it a bit. Avoid the urge to overdress the baby, especially during winters, that just makes babies hot and sweaty. As a rule of thumb, they only need one more layer than we do. Invest in soft breathable cotton to protect your baby’s skin.

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