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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shelf Discovery!

I’ve just discovered that I only read when I am busy. Yes! Seriously, I’ve this peculiar habit of reading when I am busy in the truest sense, give me some empty time and days in hand, and, you’ll find me procrastinating reading for sunnier days. Having a baby makes it all the more difficult and reading takes a back seat. But no, like a mad woman I am hell bent on finishing up all the pending books I didn’t read over the years. (I’ve wrapped up The White Tiger, Tuesdays with Morrie, Catcher in The Rye, and I have again left The Casual Vacancy mid-way, and And the mountains echoed recently.  

I started reading The Casual Vacancy in November, (the hubby got it for me when I was at my mum’s place) the baby was 3 months old then. It was interesting enough, but then I left it after reading about 80 pages, as it was too heavy and I was scared of dropping it on the head of my little monkey. JK Rowling mind your fonts, I say.

The cliché “reading depends a lot on the moodholds true for me, I’d left Catch 22 and the 100 Years of Solitude mid way when I was reading it way back in 2005, but later I read and liked them both a lot. I love books, though I am not an avid reader, I want to read more, write even better, but I don’t either. Now I want the munchkin to pick reading, just buying him enough books is not enough; I know I’m not reading enough to him, or at least not as much as I wish to. Respect to the super-working-mommas, who are doing such a great job out there. Sometimes I feel so inadequate compared to them.

For me the reality is after office, I reach home, to a very clingy almost 1 year old, who is now going through a bad separation anxiety phase—and even saying that breaks my heart. So, I spend considerable time –soothing, playing, singing, feeding, and reading—if he is in the mood— till he falls asleep. So, in the end it all comes down to mood!

Then the husband and I sit down for some chit chatting, while browsing through Comedy Central, Fox Traveller, Star World or TLC or any other sports channel. (When it comes to TV, he’s the boss on weekdays, and I am the queen on weekends). So, where is the time for books? Ah!! But then when I am in mood –I find time— to switch on the bed side lamp, instead of hitting the pillow, open the pages – instead of watching TV (post 11 PM, TLC show Latin Angels, yuckiest show on TLC, the movie channels are flooded with actions or dubbed south India movies). 

So these days I read, till munchkin calls for attention or I fall asleep!


P.S. I hope this mood last till I finish up the pending books on my shelf, so that I can replace it and make space for some baby diapers. Yes, I am running out of shelf space!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

How I Prepared my Baby before Joining Back to Work

I joined work last month after 9 month long maternity break. And throughout my break I was sweating over— will I ever find myself working again QUESTION. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my son even for a second. The thought of leaving him for 9 hours was incomprehensible. There were many moments where I felt like giving up on my work, instant where I thought I can live my life by just looking at him (my boy) and many such. So I started putting it off for as long as it was humanly possible with my manager, till I couldn’t do it anymore, and realized I have to FACE the music now. With my back against the wall I asked myself— do I want to quit Job? Hell NO— Do I love my job? Oh! Yes very much so— what is bothering me?—Leaving my baby behind—missing my baby—feeling this damn mother’s guilt.
These questions made me face the real situation and made me realize, that I have to do something about it. Quitting work was never a question—dealing with this helplessness was something I was unprepared for. After reading many stories of working women, I started preparing myself for the inevitable. And so began the journey of weaning— the hard process of weaning each other—him off me& me off him. It wasn’t easy — I assure you, but it wasn’t that tough either.

Hence, I thought I’ll share it with all of you out there (new mommies, preggos or mothers) who are feeling or felt the same way at some point of time:

1.      Rehearse your dry runs— After sorting out who will be taking care of the baby—in my case it was my mum-in-law—my husband and I did “mock practice” of what our mornings would be like getting ready for work. What time we’ll get up? What will be the feeding schedule? When will we leave for work? Who was on baby-sitting duty? We tried the schedule regularly and tweaked what wasn’t working. There were many it’s- not-working moments, but after one week it all fell down on place. And by the time I returned for real, we were old pros!

2.       Feeding:  I strictly breastfeed Aurko for 6 months, which is why it was more difficult to start on the formulas. After 6 months, I started giving him NAN 1 once in a day, which I eventually increased. A month before joining, I started weaning him off breast milk in the morning, and restricted it only for nights. Surprisingly, it was not that difficult.

3.      Maintaining a Timetable
Babies love routines. For Aurko we have—Morning Feed time, bathing time, breakfast time, playtime, nap time, lunch time, tummy time so on and so forth. It has become a habit for Aurko to take a bath at 8.30 in the morning, and he almost pushes me towards the bathroom ones the clock ticks 8.30. What I mean is— kids have a mind of their own.

4.      Mat + Toys= Joy
I am sure there still be moments when the baby is too cranky to handle by the caregiver, in moments like this follow the thumb rule--throw a mat on the floor with some of his favourite toys and sit down with him for some play time. This tip always works with Aurko, and now when I am not there, my mum-in-law does the same.

There is no substitute for a mother. So, give your full attention when you’re there, snuggle them close, make them feel loved and you are good to go. Rest, your little monkey will cope up fine while mumma is away. It’s only a matter of time, few more months and then your monkey is off to school and his friends. Don’t be anxious! He misses her more when he sees her, than when he doesn’t.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Book for my 9 months old

Parragon Now I Am 1
Price: Rs.200

I brought my son his first book "Now I am 1" from the other day. And my little munchkin absolutely loved it. The sight of my little monkey being engrossed with the book is inexplicable. This touchy feely picture book is pretty interesting, with a no.1 written in the centre, engraved in fur in the book, which is quiet catchy for a 9 months old. The look of wonder and joy when he touches that furry one makes up my day. My tryst to inculcate reading habit has just taken off, and God willing he will pick it in his own good time. In the mean time we can buy more picture books to make reading more interesting. I guess it’s never too late— or for that matter— early to start reading. My little man is just getting started, he may or may not like it, that’s his choice, what I can do is try. Maybe I am a little biased but I think a gift of reading is one of the greatest gift you can give to a child, and I am trying my best.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happily Ever After..!!

Like any girl I am also sucker for a good love story. I've grown up reading Mills & Boons—much to the chagrin of my Mum, (she considered it for adult reading and rightly so, I wouldn’t have let a 12 years old read it. Had I been on her place)—Yes I was just 12 then. But my sis was a teenager and she use to tell me these wonderful, heart wrenching romantic stories— I couldn’t wait to grow up to read such stuffs. And read I did—by covering the MBs with brown covers to make it look like a course book. Our local library Apna Pustakalay use to have a huge collection of MBs. Oh! How I miss that place, the enormous collection of books, that typical smell of old wornout, the endless racks and shelves and that old gentleman, sitting quietly observing everyone. I owe my reading habit to that library and to my sister!

Since then I've read hundreds of books—fiction, non-fiction, drama, thriller, Booker winners, and what not. But still nothing turns me on more than a good romance. Deep down we are like that, aren’t we? Hardcore romantic, we might not show it often enough, but we all love a good love story. It’s because of this that I pour over the relationships of celebrities. It’s for this reason, why I am still rooting for Brad Pitt to come back to Jennifer Anniston they were so perfect. A good love story is so hard to find these days. All around we can only see the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger—erghh!! And Will & Kate saga, though fairytellish is still too young to be called as everlasting. In today's time an age—when stories of infidelity, divorce, affairs and what not, are rampant, one story that has stood the test of time, is of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.
I've read their story way back in 2001, when they created a furore in Norway. Their love story is seems like a story from straight from Mills & Boons. Don’t you think the Prince looks like a knight in the shining armor variety? Their story is one of the best real life, high profile, love story I've come across till date. You can read their whole journey here . In short, the Prince fell in love with an unmarried mother (much to the chagrin of the Royal family and the people of Norway) and against the Royalty & his Country, he insisted on marrying his love and cherish her son as his own, even if it means giving up his crown. Eventually the Royal Family relented & and they lived happily ever after. Now isn't it utterly romantic! Ah!!!

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