Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Daily Dairy

Today morning, out of the blue I got this call from an old friend (whom I've lost touch).We studied MBA together (at least the 1st year, later he vanished in thin air for no apparent reason). OK, so coming back to the point, he called me in the morning to ask— what’s wrong with my blog site, as it's not opening up. I was taken aback, as I’ve not given my blog a teeny weeny thought in last 2 months. That’s not surprising. Along with stopping blogging, I've also stopped going for walks, reading a book, keeping in touch with those who matters blah blah blah.

But his query about my blog actually made me damn happy, that, someone at least is reading my blog, and bothered enough to call to know what is wrong with it. It came as a jolt and I hope it act as a catalyst which will push me in taking up where I have left off. I have no excuse for not doing it often enough. The one excuse I give myself is that I’ve joined this new place now, and I need settling down. But that’s a poor excuse. The job hasn't stopped my partying (it has increased it to many folds), gossiping or even arguing with hubby an iota (I am always up for it with him, poor soul)

I guess I should thank Sachin, who gave me a reason to start again!