Friday, April 6, 2012

Boss is always RIGHT. Boss is Never WRONG!

Ever been ambushed by your boss? Yes! You’re not alone. We professionals often go through kill-the-boss moments in life.

I have faced days when I was moved to tears, days when I gave right back, and on some I remained as calm as a cucumber. I’d say in this short span of professional life, I was pretty much able to hold the reins of integrity every time I faced this animal called boss. Virtually I guess we all accept that this animal will remain a part of our life for as long as we decide to work, or till we become a boss ourselves.

Remember that movie Yes Boss! How Shahrukh always agreed with whatever the boss’s said. That’s actually is a true mantra of leading a successful professional life.

1st Mantra: Boss is always RIGHT
2nd Mantra: Boss is never WRONG.

My journey, though short have been pretty much amazing. My first boss was Avinash Mudaliar, the quizzer who use to sport crazy long curls (now he has chopped it), and wear half sweaters in the chill of the air-conditioner during the summers. Impromptu, he’d call us in his cabin and ask us questions like, have you heard that no. from Billy Joel? In Times Internet Limited, I met some of the most talented people. I was completely awed by them. Maybe because I was a novice at the time.

If that was awesome, my stint with gave me a direction. Being a Junior Content Writer there, gave me an opportunity to work with two of the most endowed people: Jayashree Jayaraman and Kamal Krishna. If Jayashree is quiet, contended, and talented, KK was simply brilliant and inspiring. They both opened a window in my life which taught me so much about, my capability, work, and more. At that time, I didn’t knew how to cope with them, how to deal with the comments, the criticism, the craziness, the spur-of-the-moment retorts.

 Hey listen, don’t teach your father how to fuck alright.”
 Your copy lacks SEX, it's not seducing me at all.

That was how it was with them. Right in your face. No frills, no beating around the bush, simple, straightforward and damn hilarious. They sometimes made me feel inept, scared, lonely or even hateful, but they never BORED me. Not for a second. 

Now that I've left them behind, I realize that I've learned a lot from each one of them. I may not have the courage to tell them how impressed I was at the time. I was always aware. But I guess I was too busy trying to make an impression myself.