Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back to square one.......!!

After a long hiatus and some how from a writers block phase I'm back, I don't know why I don't write often, as I surely want to develop a niche in writing and I also want to read more books. But often I've seen I don't make an effort to do so. The other day I went to IHC (Indian Habitat Center) with hubby dearest to attend 150 years celebration of Penguin Books, there I saw a hell of a lot of known faces including Willaim Dalrymple & Sam Miller, I was simply awe struck. I vowed to my self I'll give myself such treats often but some how it never work that way. I bought 'City of Djiins' by Mr Dalrymple (he was simply amazing he autographed the book as well), sitting there in the amphitheater of IHC among the elite crowed of Delhi made me realise, it's about time I start taking matters in my own hand. If you enjoy certain things you simply can't let it remain in your dreams without working towards it. I simply don't want a life full of regrets, I want to stretch my limits, I want to see how far I can reach. After having my share of beer and an enchanting sufi numbers by Nizami brothers that evening I told hubby dearest that 'I'll finish "City of Djinns" in a week & buy another book immediately' and so forth, as I wan't to take things seriously and want to improve my reading habits all along he was nodding his head vehemently. It has been two weeks since than and I m still stuck in page 33 of the book. Hubby sometimes checks the book mark on the novel and never waste a moment to remind me "good going baby". How I wish I could prove him wrong soon, how I wish I could stop cribbing over the trivialities of life. How I wish I could practice what I so love to preach.