Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That Little Old Woman

Copyright: Sandra Cook

Genre: Fiction
Word Count:107

It was a long drive on a rickety bus, traveling through the steep curves overlooking the never-ending expanse of tea gardens. I am only here for a day to meet my grandma, and then I will bid adieu to this small town for greener pastures.

I made my way through the lonely stretch to reach the stable where she would be milking cows— her daily ritual. Her wrinkled face lit up as she saw me, I reached out to her and she hugged me tight.  

That night, I lay on the heap of hay stack gazing the stars consumed by the thought of her holding onto me.

This is written as part of the Friday Fictioneers Challenge – Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. Today’s prompt is the above picture.

Hope you enjoyed.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Blues

How on earth is it last Monday of February? Weren’t we shouting Happy New Year few days back? Woah!!

I love putting mommy's bindi

See, I look so pretty as a girl

It's Sunday
Mom, stop taking pictures will you!

So today is Monday, the most difficult day of the week. Leaving Aurko for work is hardest on Monday, not that it is easy any other day but on Mondays its extra difficult as we spend the weekend almost glued together.  Long time back I use to take Mondays as a clean slate—a time of renewal I use to say to myself! But motherhood has put a stop to that in past 1 year. Although I am striving to go back to that state of mind again and take Monday as a fresh start to the week and look forward to achieve what I missed last week. My little man is 18 months old and on the brink of leaving his babyhood behind. You have any idea how it feels? It feels weird, I don't remember him being a baby now! He is growing so fast and I am trying to grapple the changes and store it in my memory for ever. He is learning  new skills everyday and it's becoming hard to remember his all firsts. I want to learn that from him -- learn to be inquisitive. Every day is a new day be it Monday or Sunday, and I just want to start afresh and rejoice the fact that I am sailing along in the path called life with some of the most amazing people around who make my days and nights crazy yet perfect in a sweet way.

Friday, February 14, 2014

And the Oscar goes to…..Leonardo (or will it be Christian Bale)

Catching a good movie on TV along with opportune timing rarely happens these days as Aurko is now nearing the terrible-two phase. So when I chanced upon The Fighter (yeah I watched this 2010 movie few days back) when Aurko was fast asleep, was like a rare treat for me. And what a movie it turned out to be and what a performance Christian Bale delivered. I have been obsessed with him ever since. You might say, what’s new in that aren’t we all have a thing going for him lately. Maybe I am a little late in recognizing his charm as he slowly sneaked up on me by playing weird Dicky Eklund. Though, I have not seen much of his movies apart from the Batman series and American Psycho and never thought much of him irrespective of the views people have of him. His evident arrogance and bad-mouthing audio was just a turn-off for me in the past. I know I am not the right one to judge his acting when I have not seen his body of work or his critically acclaimed The Machinist. But hey! This is my blog and I can rattle on. So I didn’t like the guy in the past. I disliked him when I saw him forget his wife’s name in the Oscar speech—now who does that? How can you forget your wife’s name? Can a wife ever forgive such a gaffe on such a momentous occasion? 

Now that the countdown for Oscars has already begun, the speculations are rife that anyone between Leonardo Di Caprio and Matthew McConaughey will get the Oscars. They both were excellent in WOWS and Dallas Buyers Club respectively. Everyone's keep saying "Leo is overdue and will now finally win for Wolf of Wall Street". (I can only roll my eyes to that logic). I love Leo, I know he is a fine actor and deserves one. But just because this is Leo's 4th nomination and Matthew's first it doesn't mean Leo will win because the Academy feels bad for him for that, right? And I have heard Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave is amazing, although I have not seen the movie. This year we probably have the most competitive looking Oscar Best Actor Male race in a long time. There is no clear frontrunner (Thank God, Daniel Day Lewis is not in the list). But my mind says it will be Leonardo/McConaughey, although in my heart I wish Christian Bale will get it for American Hustle. Not because he gained a beer belly (he lost weight in The Fighter too) to play con man Irving Rosenfeld or that I have finally warm- up to his charm but for his fanatic immersive approach to the character. He stands out in his portrayal of Rosenfeld: his multi-layered, dysfunctional functionality is a sight to behold in American Hustle.  His proclivity for self-transformation is what struck-a-cord with me in both American Hustle and The Fighter. I am keeping my finger cross for him.

What about the ladies? Who else but Cate Blanchett, I say. I felt so sorry for her neurotic character in Blue Jasmine; I guess that speaks volume about her acting in the movie. Amy Adams is another strong contender for the race. Let’s see, February is the month to check out all the Oscar nominated movies, hope this year few of my favs will nab the Academy.