Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Time

The past couple of week has gone by as usual, on this lazy Sunday I sit cross-legged on the floor rummaging through the piles of memories stocked up in every nook and corner of my room. The intent to start rearranging and reallocating lead to me to rubble of stuff I kept storing here & there. The old torn pages of books, the pages scribbled with some long forgotten poems, the fine layer of dust over the photographs pulls at heartstrings every now & then. I am almost roaring up with laughter after every minute, while going down memory lane. I've a small bamboo box full of nail-paints. For those who know me, they know, I've a ghastly pair of feet. No matter how much I spend on pedicures, they've remained stubbornly the same over the year. I can't help myself when I see a nice color, I love those 'aqua' colors girls are gratifying themselves with. Because they look so horrid on me, I never had the courage to try them in public. So what do I do, I put them on when hubby is intently watching soccer at night, and have them remove during the day. I've stored up heaps of lovely colors red, yellow, aqua, turquoise and many more in my little bamboo box,  for a time when I'll be confident enough to carry them off. Just a little change here and there lifts ones feeling so much isn't it and I strongly believe that drowsing in ones comfort zone is not good for anybody. Like any girl a shopping spree lifts my spirit, now with the advent of online shopping it has increased manyfolds. Though half of the time I end up buying clothes i'll never wear and things i'll never use. Like the other day I brought this white lace top, very classy, simple yet chic kind, my reason for buying it is I've not worn lace since my childhood. I don't remember wearing lace once I've left my school, now I know that made me sound like some granny, but there was a time I went ballistic over Cotton. I still am, in a way, but that didnt stopped me for this lacey purchase. So the top proudly hang on my wardrobe ready to be worn. I love summers, there is a fresh energy in the air, the bright sunshine, the juicy watermelons, the holiday moods set my spirit soaring high. BTW the only rearrangement that took place on Sunday is putting a bunch of carnations on a corner. I lost myself in certain tidbits as usual.

Disclaimer: The picture posted in the Blog is not of the Blogger *signs*.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happily Ever After..!!

Like any girl I am also sucker for a good love story. I've grown up reading Mills & Boons—much to the chagrin of my Mum, (she considered it for adult reading and rightly so, I wouldn’t have let a 12 years old read it. Had I been on her place)—Yes I was just 12 then. But my sis was a teenager and she use to tell me these wonderful, heart wrenching romantic stories— I couldn’t wait to grow up to read such stuffs. And read I did—by covering the MBs with brown covers to make it look like a course book. Our local library Apna Pustakalay use to have a huge collection of MBs. Oh! How I miss that place, the enormous collection of books, that typical smell of old wornout, the endless racks and shelves and that old gentleman, sitting quietly observing everyone. I owe my reading habit to that library and to my sister!

Since then I've read hundreds of books—fiction, non-fiction, drama, thriller, Booker winners, and what not. But still nothing turns me on more than a good romance. Deep down we are like that, aren’t we? Hardcore romantic, we might not show it often enough, but we all love a good love story. It’s because of this that I pour over the relationships of celebrities. It’s for this reason, why I am still rooting for Brad Pitt to come back to Jennifer Anniston they were so perfect. A good love story is so hard to find these days. All around we can only see the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger—erghh!! And Will & Kate saga, though fairytellish is still too young to be called as everlasting. In today's time an age—when stories of infidelity, divorce, affairs and what not, are rampant, one story that has stood the test of time, is of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.
I've read their story way back in 2001, when they created a furore in Norway. Their love story is seems like a story from straight from Mills & Boons. Don’t you think the Prince looks like a knight in the shining armor variety? Their story is one of the best real life, high profile, love story I've come across till date. You can read their whole journey here . In short, the Prince fell in love with an unmarried mother (much to the chagrin of the Royal family and the people of Norway) and against the Royalty & his Country, he insisted on marrying his love and cherish her son as his own, even if it means giving up his crown. Eventually the Royal Family relented & and they lived happily ever after. Now isn't it utterly romantic! Ah!!!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Daily Diary!

My days are happier and brighter, because I am shopping, everyday!

A close friend of mine is getting married, and I am helping her shop after office. Well! And as we know shopping and binging goes hand in hand, I can see the repercussion of it in my belly already. It doesn’t matter that I resolute to go on GM diet every morning? I seriously recent those who have such a good metabolism, I ve often seen thin people eat a lot more than the fatso. That’s so unfair, don’t you think? Now this GM diet is making me smugger. I know I can lose up to 5 kgs in a week, so ideally I can lose the flab any day. But I know it’s easier said than done.

Today, I met this exceptionally beautiful new joinie in the office. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall URGGHHHH , with long straight hair, porcelain skin, beautiful face and a figure to die for During lunch she told me how she has never visited a Gym in her life or ever diet for that matter. I was sitting with her and thinking God has truly blessed her with this part. But the best part was to know how grounded she turned out to be, she had no airs about herself, no idea whatsoever about the effect she is having on the surrounding (the moment she walked inside the cafeteria, the whole cafeteria stood up. And that’s not an exaggeration.

I couldn’t help asking her— had she tried modeling— She said: she didn’t, as her parents are pretty conservative, and how his father is spouse hunting for her, and unable to find a good match because of her height. That made me smile. Her father was evidently driving her up against the wall, she looked pissed yet she was kind of amusing, yet simple, honest and not to forget gorgeous.

It was actually very nice meeting her.