Saturday, September 5, 2009

Devil may care...!

I am stuck in bed nowadays courtesy my knee who couldn't handle a small scratch, resulting in my confinement to bed with my knee bandaged. Hubby dearest is having a gala time teasing me about my limp. Neways but that gave me a chance to be idle tusser all over again , & I am busy browsing anything I can lay my hands on be it books, films, net, TV. But the reason for my being here is that I again saw "As Good as it Gets" & I've fallen in love all over again with it. What I am wondering about is how one rate a movie. Some times it's the director who takes the credit , some times the story, it could be anything. But my reason for liking this one is Mr Nicholson, I absolutely adore the man and probably for all the wrong reasons. I like him for his leering sarcasm, his cynical laughter, his most uncanny sense of humor, his habit of mouthing most unconventionally rude and obscene dialogue with elan. How many of us can repeatedly offend someone & still be liked by all. That man sparkles talking vulgar & to me that makes him even more devilishly cuddly. My reason for liking Melvin Udall is Jack Nicholson not his OCD. My reason for liking "As Good As It Gets" is Mr Nicholson uncanny way of talking and what inputs he add to the character.