Monday, July 29, 2013

The Curious Case of Baby Bottoms

We are a family obsessed with bums! Yup, you heard that right; our jokes are funnier when it includes the mention of the rear. Our coochie-poos canoodling is more sweet and syrupy when it’s about the bottoms. When my sister had my niece (the elder one), our vocabulary took a drastic turn, and we both invented many innovative names for yours truly. Eventually, it became a habit for us to measure the loveliness of baby with the softness of baby bottoms. Weird, I know. But we Chanda’s are like that.

Ah! Seriously, can anything beat the joy of squeezing the chubbiness of baby soft bon bon? Watch any of that Pamper, Huggies or Johnson & Johnsons ads, the cute pat on the baby bottom always bring a smile to the face. 

 In my family, my nephew Ivan is the undisputed winner of having the softest baby bottom. I mean, we being a bum family have never come across a softer rear as his. You can compare it with the wispiness of cotton and the cotton will fall short of it. Life was happier when they were in India. I’ve not seen those cute 3 booties (2 nieces and 1 nephew) for 3 years now, and they have grown enough to be embarrassed by this post of Butu mashi. 

Guess I’ve to wait for some time more to coochie coo those three bums. Till then, I’ve my munchkin’s ever soft bottoms to console with! Ahhh!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 Days for 30

I am not turning 30…! Yeah right! I’ve 3 more days to go..

Now, when did this happen? Seriously, I am so use to being in my 20’s, early 20’s, late 20’s. Now, calling myself a 30’ish something will need some getting used to. Is it any different than being in 20’s? I guess it is. I thought I would be a famous writer by this time. Or at least I would be travelling to exotic locales. But that’s how life is!

Gosh, now I can talk about things in the measurement of decades.
“Rememeber 10 years ago when…”. Yes. I do. I was 20.

Well, on the bright side- I do have a coochie poochie baby who is consuming my days and nights, and a super loving husband. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more. Sure, a lot of things could be better, but for the most part I'm happy.

Since I am official going to be a part of the 30 club in a span of 3 days, here's a song to it:

I’m a grown woman. I can do whatever I want. I can be bad if I want. I can do wrong if I want. I can live fast if I want. I can go slow all night long. I’m a grown woman.”
~ Beyonce’ Grown Women

So, Bring it On, I say!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Little Monkey is 1 Month Away from His Birthday!

I am a big boy, I'll turn 1 next month
Yes! I go bananas when I see slides and swings.
My walker is my favourite gear

Mommy, I want this book.

Hello Giana

Murray Almost Forgot his Mom!

The Brits got something to chew on! After the frenzy weeping, bawling and crying in Wimbledon 2012 – after losing to Federer, Andy Murray finally lifts the Wimbledon 2013—after 77 long years of drought. It’s another thing that Djokovic was looking lackluster and after giving away 40 enforced errors— what else do you expect?

Yeah, so in all this madness— little Andy misses hugging his Mom –while he went to hug his coach (Ivan Lendl), friends, and Girlfiend. Huh! So what the big deal I say, the Twitter is going rampant with Andy Murrays faux pas!

Guys! The poor guy did turn back to wish her, once he realized she is sitting there. Right! So, take a chill pill!

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