Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Book for my 9 months old

Parragon Now I Am 1
Price: Rs.200

I brought my son his first book "Now I am 1" from the other day. And my little munchkin absolutely loved it. The sight of my little monkey being engrossed with the book is inexplicable. This touchy feely picture book is pretty interesting, with a no.1 written in the centre, engraved in fur in the book, which is quiet catchy for a 9 months old. The look of wonder and joy when he touches that furry one makes up my day. My tryst to inculcate reading habit has just taken off, and God willing he will pick it in his own good time. In the mean time we can buy more picture books to make reading more interesting. I guess it’s never too late— or for that matter— early to start reading. My little man is just getting started, he may or may not like it, that’s his choice, what I can do is try. Maybe I am a little biased but I think a gift of reading is one of the greatest gift you can give to a child, and I am trying my best.

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