Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tring Tring Tring!

I sulk a lot, every other day I indulge myself in little sulking without any rhyme or reason and after cajoling myself I try to find the reason, if I don't find any I try to conjure some, hoping this unreasonable mood swing will find some lease. I love to feel that some one is not doing something right around me and that's the reason behind my restrained anger, which is lying somewhere inside of me trying to find an outlet. It's not exactly a cake walk accepting your short comings I know but now that I'm in the mood I rather take advantage of it and vent it out here. I don't know since morning I'm in a mood to have a good fight. I just don't wanna burden hubby dearest with it coz lately he has been really kinda and neways I'll loose the battle if I fight with him today (making him angry today will jeopardize some of my plans). I'm actually bubbling with anger coz my Mum never calls me. She is sooo busy that she has forgotten, that she has a daughter who is waiting for her call. And when I call her, she never picks it up, if you ask for reason she will tell you she didn't heard the phone ringing (not that one again Maa), & I've to pardon her lack of knowledge about handling technology coz she dont know how to check the 'missed calls'. More importantly Im to be blamed for her lack of knowledge, reason being I havnt been a good teacher, that I loose my patience way too often, that we always ended up fighting cause she is not pressing the right keys..blah blah blah... The funniest part is if I try to be angry with her for not picking up the calls when I call her, she will use this typical tone telling me way to politely "what else do u expect when you dont tell your Mum how the damn thing works"...ergggggghhh. Mommmaaaaaa Pick the Damn Phone upppppp!

P.S. Thats my Mommy in the picture.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Missing my Nieces & Nephew

Life changes so fast, only last year during Raksha bandhan me & my sister was planning a huge feast as it was my nephews first rakhi. The plan consist of stitching new lehenga choli for my little nieces (Mishtu & Mithu) and ofcourse a new paanjabi and paijama for Ivan (nephew). As me & Mumpi ( my elder sister) never had any brother ( all our cousin bro lives too far to be celebrated) neither did we missed one, we were all to happy knotting the rakhi around our little poodle Wesley when we were young. Neways coming back to the point, we dressed up the girls cooked all the delicacies and was waiting for Ivan ( my nephew who was only 1 year old at that time) to wake up. They girls were looking so damn pretty & they kept posing like models for me to click. But as the luck had it Mr Ivan kept sleeping till the girls eyes became droopy. In the end they tied the knot around sleeping Ivan's hand and went off to sleep themselves. Life was so much fun then, I use to look forward to my Dwarka trips ( My sis lived their). My sis stayed in Delhi for almost 8 month after Ivan was born, while Dada ( i.e Bro in law ) was in US. We had such fun during those 8 months. We use to go shopping with the Kiddos and had our own girls day out. Those where one of the best phases of my life. As I was jobless and almost had nothing better to do. My only aim was to rush to Mumpi and spent times with the kiddos. But then I've always known that this bliss will be over soon. I've known once I start going to office my trips will be infrequent. I never wanted to miss spending time with them knowing they will leave soon for US. I simply didn't knew it than how much I'll miss them. The timing of my job was perfect. They left for US after I joined Times. Otherwise I would have gone crazy. It has been 9 months now since I've last seen them. Some how watching their pictures in FB or Orkut is not enough. Kiddos are growing so fast. Ivan has already learned to kick a ball and Mithu is rhyming new poems, where as Mishtu is turning out to be soooo brainy, that I've to start doing my homework before I can talk to her. This years rakhi reminded me of what a dead pan occasion it is. No Offence Bhaiyaaaaaaaaasssssss & Behanasssss.

PS: In the 1st picture Mishtu is holding Ivan, whereas in the second one Mithu & Mishtu are seen posing.

Food For Thought

I love Friday morning, just the fact that today is the last working day of the week makes all the difference. Though this weekend we don't have any plans to look forward to. But this happy feeling is always their nevertheless, as if something good is about to happen. Our (Me & Hubby) weekend usually consist of waking up late and planning for breakfast. What will it be this time Scrambled Egg and Toast or Aloo Bhaja and Parantha or will it be our all time favorite Maggie. ( For Mrinal ie Hubby it always has to be anything between Egg or Aloo) After enough disagreements we finally decide on something to binge on. The moment we are done with it we start planning for lunch. Their is something about food, one can never have enough of it and one can never be bored of it. The best discussions at our home consist of food talks, where everyone tries to outdo the other over their food experiences. My Dad who is quite reserve and barely indulge himself in meaningless conversation, sheds his reserve when it comes to food. I had memories of making plan for our train trips to Siliguri with Dad & Sister. We use to lie next to our Dad and plan out what we will take on train. Will it be Chicken or Keema with Parantha, some Elaichi cream biscuits and of course some boiled Egg for Dad. My Mother always use to spoil our plans, for her it should be Loochi (ie Poori) and Aloor Torkadi, she never liked the idea of eating non-veg on train. Banana is another food both my parents are obsessed with. They will never forget to take a dozen on their trip. Neways eating on train was always a celebration in those days. Food truly makes you happy. Sometimes it's even better than falling in love...!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More I Cannot Wish You...!

It's such a beautiful song. I first read the lyrics on a book at British Library in Bhopal and scribbled it down. Didn't knew it den that this will always remind me of that bygone time...!

Velvet I can wish you

For the collar of your coat
And fortune smiling all along your way
But More I Cannot Wish You
Than to wish you find your love
Your own true love this day

Mansions I can wish you
Seven footmen all in red
And calling cards upon a silver tray.
But More I Cannot Wish You
Than to wish you find your love
Your own true love this day

Standing there
Gazing at you
Full of the bloom of youth

Standing there
Gazing at you
With a sheeps’ eye
And a lickerish tooth.

Music I can wish you
Merry music while you’re young
And wisdom when your hair has turned to gray.
But More I Cannot Wish You
Than to wish you find your love
Your own true love this day

With a sheeps’ eye
And a lickerish tooth
And a strong arms
To carry you away.

Home Coming...!

Since I have reached the age of reasons, I have always considered Siliguri as my native town. In a way I'm not wrong cause my parents are from that place. But I was born in Bhilai, a small but well developed steel city. After Madhya Pradesh got divided into Chattisgarh, the name didn't helped to develop any acceptability from my side, I was always in my heart of hearts use to be ashamed of it. After my Delhi trip became frequent and I got a taste of this metro life things became even worse. When "Sasural Genda phool" ( Song from the movie Delhi 6) released, I flaunted that song as my song. I took great pride in telling my friends that it's a Chattisgarhi song. Watching Peepli [Live] might be emotional for many of my friends, but for me it is a coming of age moment, where I could come forward and tell every one yes I am a small town girl and yes I am from Chattisgarh, the very place from where Natha came, that the song "Mehngai dayain " is hauntingly similar to the one my maidservant use to humm. Some how watching this movie and it's irony has moved me from within. There is something amazingly beautiful about the word "Home". It has been 2 years since I ve been to my Home in Bhilai. My parents visit me quite often here, but it's just not as same as me going there. To give me a feel of Real Home.

P.S: I remember an old song of Boyzone sung by Late Stephen Gately

Here I stand in the northern rain,
And I can't believe I am home again,
And I can't believe how nothing's changed,
I'm finding my way.
Old park bench,where I carved my name,
But now it doesn't stand alone.
'cause now the trees have over grown,
Many a road that I have traveled,that had led me astray,
Here's where my heart's gonna stay.

This is where I belong,
This is where I come from,
No need to shed my tears,
Or face my fears anymore.Ah...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Shits

OK I have been craving to write something for quite some time now but as usual my procrastinating habit got better of me. Nowadays I'm all excited about booking my tickets for my hometown for Pujo, which is in October this year. My head is full of plans that I have to under take before I board the flight. Still over a month is left now for that. But that is the only thing keeping me sane nowadays. Neways in office things are going in it's usual pace. The worst part is, previously I use to sit in this big conference room with a lovely view of Gurgaon skyscraper, from that heaven we have landed on 8th floor now, among all the CFO and VPs. The worst part is, my Facebooking has taken a dip and my old status makes me cringe. The other day I went to Sarojini Nagar market after a really long time with my childhood friend and I brought all the damn shits. I got my self a tiny winy dress, which turned out to be a romper and its so tiny that it's barely covering my derriere. Hubby dearest saw me trying it out and his incessant laughter didnt do a bit good for my fragile ego. I spent a bomb on nuthing. Apart from that got my self a nice hot pink colored stalkings. The color is realy cool but I dont have anything to go with it. So the stalkings is lyiing in my wardrobe waiting to be inaugurated. In the end it started to rain heavily and somehow I managed reach home on time. It was such a pathetic day and I didnt enjoyed a bit that day, later I was wondering a nice & simple meal in some corner would have been a better idea. I simply wasted my time and more importantly money in a months where I was already broke since the day one. I have given the title of this post as "Random Shits" I have taken it from a friends status, I realy liked the thought behind it coz it suits my situation aptly.

PS: I've taken the name of my post from Amit Dayals status, hope he doesn't sue me. (Wink)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back to square one.......!!

After a long hiatus and some how from a writers block phase I'm back, I don't know why I don't write often, as I surely want to develop a niche in writing and I also want to read more books. But often I've seen I don't make an effort to do so. The other day I went to IHC (Indian Habitat Center) with hubby dearest to attend 150 years celebration of Penguin Books, there I saw a hell of a lot of known faces including Willaim Dalrymple & Sam Miller, I was simply awe struck. I vowed to my self I'll give myself such treats often but some how it never work that way. I bought 'City of Djiins' by Mr Dalrymple (he was simply amazing he autographed the book as well), sitting there in the amphitheater of IHC among the elite crowed of Delhi made me realise, it's about time I start taking matters in my own hand. If you enjoy certain things you simply can't let it remain in your dreams without working towards it. I simply don't want a life full of regrets, I want to stretch my limits, I want to see how far I can reach. After having my share of beer and an enchanting sufi numbers by Nizami brothers that evening I told hubby dearest that 'I'll finish "City of Djinns" in a week & buy another book immediately' and so forth, as I wan't to take things seriously and want to improve my reading habits all along he was nodding his head vehemently. It has been two weeks since than and I m still stuck in page 33 of the book. Hubby sometimes checks the book mark on the novel and never waste a moment to remind me "good going baby". How I wish I could prove him wrong soon, how I wish I could stop cribbing over the trivialities of life. How I wish I could practice what I so love to preach.