Monday, August 31, 2009

Hubby dearest acted strange the other day...yes.. yes..yes ..I made it to hard rock cafe to a pay a tribute to MJ..& very uncharcteristically hubby dearest took me there with out a top it all he was asking all the rite questions about MJ( unexpected interest realy made me glow) I m in absolute bliss.....!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy B'day Micheal

It's MJs bday this Saturday & there are many concerts happening across Delhi to pay tribute to the King of Pop. I for that matter is already cajoling hubby dearest for it, knowing he is not really a fan of Micheal (that's appalling I know) & crowded place for that matter but WTF I want to make it there this time. Seems like I need divine intervention!

Friday, December 26, 2008

“Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names”

Every bong family gives too much importance to pet names and bongs have a knack of giving the most weirdest of name, I'll through in few examples like Bappa, Mimi, Puchu, Buchi, Budo, Putla, Badla etc (mind you, I've picked up these names from my family, they all are very close to me). I believe bongs get some kind of perverse pleasure by calling someone with meaningless aadoorer nam (ie out of love). I never liked my pet name, that's one reason of why I loved Namesake, so much, I could relate to Gogol. My friends use to bully me by calling it in a different way, luckily in those days they never got better of me as I was a smart ass (lets just tell the truth). I always use to outdo them with my wit in those days but that doesn't mean that I've not resented the fact, that, my parents could have named me better. I could never understand the point as to why have a pet name in the first place, that too so weird, you'll have to think twice before saying it. Even pets in bong family have pet names. Wesley (my little poddle) has seven different names (and he responds to each one of them).

As I've moved base to this new city I've become very possessive about all the things that I've left behind, all the memories, all the experiences & yes my silly Pet Name too. Here nobody  knows that I've a pet name, everyone calls me Mousume. Its strange to start again  and showcase what you are to new people you meet, they don't know me how I've grown or what I've been, how crazy, how naughty nothing. It's like coming a full circle and realizing how much things have changed, how much you have changed but still remain the same. My pet name has become a persistent remnant of my childhood, a remainder that I am not the same to all the people. My name reminds me of the time I'd been scolded, badgered, appreciated, adored, loved and of the many memories I hold close to my heart. There are somethings in life that should be cherished because they've always been there. My pet name reminds me of a time when life has not been so serious, they matter to me because they are a part of my growing years, a time I will never forget, and that's more than enough for me!

P.S.: BTW my pet name is BUTU.

Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese.

Finaly the exams got over today..with friends I went to this huge mall to ve lunch..their were loads of options..starting from Italian..Chinese..Punjabi (well dats not n option ..dats a staple)..Lebanese..I can go on n on about it..den in the corner I saw this court..called Yatra..they were serving unlimited thalis....(my tongue was literaly wagging) mind made a trip to down memory lane..when I was in Bhopal ..v use to go to this place serving unlimited those days my partner in crime was too of my closest v never had deep pockets..v always use to divide out thalis in a way that ..two of us will take cheaper thalis wit lesser options n one will take costly thali wit more options..n as the food were unlimited ..v use to enjoy the same meals in lesser price..(money management as v call it now in MBA) things have changed money is not a factor nowadays..frds r not as important as they use to b..I cannot imagine myself doing the same....they r remnants of the past..when life was not sooooooo serious ..n so formal...n the process of having a fullfleged thali at 2 o'clock seems tough n high on calorie.(when did weight ever came in between food n me)...It did just today ..and in the end I had a boring Low Cal abt gettin old.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Idle tusser

So am I an idle tusser, in a span of day half of the time I am spending it thinking about things I've no control over, all through the day I am thinking abt things I want to do or already done. It's the creative outpour of my weird thinking mind which is always ticking. I can sit for hours and come up wit most ridiculous of plan with out putting any of it in perspective or practice. Sometimes I get this masochistic pleasure in imagining that I am in despair, right now the topic of my ticking mind is wat people mean when they say that they've evolved,wat does that mean? That they've been there done that? or that they ve felt it for so long that it no longer matter.? So am I an idle tusser coz I've got nothing better to do..or am I busy ..very busy being myself...!